Cecilia Peres

an inspiration of Love devoted to embracing the divinity of all creation.

a unique spiritual artist and consciousness facilitator

Cecilia is a unique spiritual artist and consciousness facilitator from Brazil. Her work and passion incorporates a process called Quantum Activation. This process facilitates the internal communication between the rational mind and the Divine Self.

Cecilia also promotes art and cultural exchange between the US and Brazil, ranging from organizing Yoga retreats to art exhibitions and the sales of various arts and crafts imports. She has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, including producing special events and television programs and starring in commercials in her native country of Brazil.

Quantum Activation

Quantum Activation is a hands-on-healing that sets your rational mind in motion to better understand the language of your Higher Self.

Once your mind is activated your inner Light starts to expand, clearing your cells of useless and unproductive memory which can block you from experiencing a more present-time relationship with your Higher Self. When you raise the frequency of your mind to a new level of awareness you are experiencing moments with more clarity; connecting the dots of life’s challenges with more ease; and noticing that opportunities of peace, harmony, joy, love and abundance appear at a more frequent pace.

Quantum Activation requires four sessions that are about one-and-a-half hours each. After the first session you may start to see some subtle changes in your daily life related to the reorganization of your values. This occurs because you are now receiving new references that are coming directly to your mind from your Higher Self. The clearing and clarification that takes place in the second, third and fourth sessions go deep into the dimensions of your four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.