Cecilia is an inspiration of Love devoted to embracing the divinity of all creation.

a unique spiritual artist and consciousness facilitator

Cecilia is a unique spiritual artist and consciousness facilitator from Brazil. Her work and passion incorporates a process called Quantum Activation. This process facilitates the internal communication between the rational mind and the Divine Self.

Cecilia also promotes art and cultural exchange between the US and Brazil, ranging from organizing Yoga retreats to art exhibitions and the sales of various arts and crafts imports. She has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, including producing special events and television programs and starring in commercials in her native country of Brazil.

Quantum Activation

Quantum Activation is a hands-on-healing that sets your rational mind in motion to better understand the language of your Higher Self.

Once your mind is activated your inner Light starts to expand, clearing your cells of useless and unproductive memory which can block you from experiencing a more present-time relationship with your Higher Self. When you raise the frequency of your mind to a new level of awareness you are experiencing moments with more clarity; connecting the dots of life’s challenges with more ease; and noticing that opportunities of peace, harmony, joy, love and abundance appear at a more frequent pace.

Quantum Activation requires four sessions that are about one-and-a-half hours each. After the first session you may start to see some subtle changes in your daily life related to the reorganization of your values. This occurs because you are now receiving new references that are coming directly to your mind from your Higher Self. The clearing and clarification that takes place in the second, third and fourth sessions go deep into the dimensions of your four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Luisa Restelli
By LUISA RESTELLI  Read in 3 min. 14/04/2020


I visited the Templo Do Ser and talked with the creator Cecília about the work developed in the place

Quantum activation: how to work the five seeds to reach abundance

In October 2019, I was at the Templo do Ser, in Ilhabela, a space of care that I have written about before. During this period, I had the joy of talking to Cecília, the creator of the Templo and the building base of everything that happens there – including the work of quantum activation.

We talk a lot about your life story and how it all came to be today. In a super interesting and full of wisdom chat, we talked about his work and the values with which the Templo is aligned.

Throughout her life history, Cecília has been experimenting with quantum activation, which was initially conducted with the hand and crystals. According to her, it was a technique built in an intuitive way and, with feedback from those who received it, she began to realize its effects and potential.


When asked about what quantum activation is, Cecília told me:

“It is an experience that you will feel. I’ve never been able to explain in words what quantum is. Activation happens in the presence here with me, as well as in the Templo Do Ser. The Templo is already a space for quantum activation”.

I can say that, in fact, being in his presence was really special and opened my mind in several ways, bringing clarity to questions that, before, were very nebulous. I left this meeting touched and feeling great peace and centering.

Activation is taking the mind to a dimension where there is no time and space. There is expansion.

The meet with Cecília and everything that was said is also, for me, difficult to explain in words. Experience and presence say much more than I could pass through this text.

Our conversation went through many personal experiences that led her to understand some movements of the individual and collective mind.

According to her, we are all interconnected in a collective mind, where each one, in his time and means, goes through the awakening of the same process .

This brought me back to Carl Jung, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who developed the theory about the collective unconscious in which we are all connected.

This interconnected network, which systemic theory also explains, generates collective movements in all of us, influencing the whole and each one individually.


During the interview, Cecília spoke about two main movements of the mind: the useful imagination and the useless imagination. Duality.

According to her, the useful imagination is love and everything that derives from it. Which generates clarity and awareness. It comes from the presence in the here and now, connected with your most real and essential self.

The useless is the opposite, wandering in the past and future.

As she explained to me, first comes useful or useless imagination, and then we create reality. Thus, we create useful or useless reality.

When we create uselessness, we must consciously perceive it so that it can be transformed with quality and kindness, generating usefulness.

Thus, she noticed the mind moving in the following way:

  1. First comes wisdom: the communication between the mind and its inner wisdom, which Cecília called “the higher self”;
  2. Then comes the rationale: how the mind interprets information from the higher self;
  3. Then, the quality of memory: what is the quality of this information received;
  4. Then comes the weighting of the useful and useless imagination: in each of these movements comes the useless imagination being pondered so that, then, comes the useful imagination;
  5. The organization of useful imagination: how the mind is organizing it.


Cecília explained that her focus is to work on the five seeds of being, with which we reach abundance: respect + responsibility + quality + trust + courage . About this, she defined:

Respect yourself. Responsibility to respect and respect yourself. The quality of responsibility for respect. By having these three, you have confidence in the process. So, when you start to have confidence in the process, you materialize the courage to be.

According to Cecília, being aware of these movements internally and how each one is in your life brings you clarity and awareness about what needs to work on yourself, as well as at what point you are generating a certain issue in your life.

In the end, we also talked about the importance of psychology  in the path of this awareness about psycho-emotional issues and the original points that generate certain patterns and behaviors.

By bringing awareness to the emotional contents kept and poorly elaborated internally, we enable the re-signification and transformation of these contents for integral health.